What a busy late summer its been with our brand new releases - SCR24 - a much sort after Glasgow SW Route aboard a Class 156 two car unit of Scotrail. We leave the bay platform at Carlisle beneath the overheads but turn as we leave England (now no overheads) and cross into Scotland for Gretna Green travelling to Dunfries then Kilmarnock through some very attractive scenery showing several of the former now closed station too !! At Kilmarnock there is signal line working for part of the journey then owards to Barrhead - a busy terminus for many of the shuttle services from Glasgow Central. Then beneath the wires again to Glasgow Central - there is movement to electrify the line to Barrhead as some work is in progress for the masts.
This double dvd runs for 131 minutes and retails at just £26.99.

CLS25 is our journey from Millerhill Yard close to Edinburgh through to Thirsk - recorded on the longest day of the year we leave the yard around 1600 and travel through all weathers (including a touch of sea fog south of Berwick) to Newcastle, arriving in Thirsk before darkness. Runnig time of 236 minutes, this double dvd retails at just £26.99


Our September freight takes us on a very interesting journey from west London to Hendon then on Mildland Mainline. As we get towards Wellingborough so the fun begins as the signaller puts us on a route through a number of loops before Knighton Junction and along Up & Down Burton where it gets dusk and eventually very dark. GBRf153 runs for 178 minutes and is @ £26.99 - a double dvd.


Then our passenger releases SCR14 from Dundee to Glasgow Queen Street - on leaving Dundee the guard picks up his bag from the front cab knocking the camera so we have to re-start the filming just after Dundee Central Junction explaining the area of the line to Leuchars on a still shot !! The running time of this dvd is 80 minutes and we retail this at £23.00. Alas some sunlight in the cab on leaving Perth and from Dunblane to Stirling - you can't change nature !!


Two great journeys this month - we continue our trip from Roberts Road Depot in Doncaster via the Werrington 'dive-under' and this time leave Signal 434 south of Peterborough Station via the new Soham Station to the former Felixstowe Beach Station. At 142 mins, this double dvd GBRf 165 is £26.99

Travelling from on a return journey from Norwich to Lowestoft on our dvd GRA25 this is aboard one of the new GreaterAnglia Class 755 units. We travel via Reedham and across the Somerleyton Swing Bridge - now 100 years young. This dvd is £23.00


GBRf164 is the first part of journeys via the new Werrinton Dive-Under just north of Peterborough. On this DVD we begin at Roberts Road Depot near Doncaster and travel to Lincoln - just look at the upgrading of this line for freight as we travel on to Spalding then at Glinton Jn a right turn for the new Werrrington Diver-Under - through Marholm Jn and into Peterborough station where we finish this journey.

NR87 is our north east coast journey from Middlesborugh to Hartlepool then into Newcastle aboard a now removed Class 142 unit. At 73 mins running time this dvd is @ £23.00


GBRf154 is a superb journey from Leeds diverting to Castleford then through to Selby and terminating at Hull Dairycoates - yes we have been to this part of Hull before but not via this route - filmed in 2021 in great weather this single dvd lasts 102 mins and is priced @ £23.00.

And to our return journey from Stranraer - SCR22 - we travel to Ayr then across to Kilmarnock - watch out for the 'Swans Neck track in the mountains -  running time of 102 mins this dvd retails @ just £23.00


GBRf158 - Bedford to Eastleigh Depot - yes into this SW
Trains depot, a Class 47 pulling a brand new Class 701 unit

and he do hit some rain around Basingstoke - the cab is old
of course and the rain comes in from the windscreen and the
door - great fun with wet feet and wet kit - but nonetheless its all good into Eastleigh Depot - 188mins double dvd @ £26.99

And our pasewnger release is SCR17 - the Fife Circle from Edinburgh Waverley to Glenrothes with Thornton and return - great journey - Class 158/170 - 105 mins @ £23.00 


GBRF148 is our journey from Rylstone Quarry
along the single track Grassington Branch to
Skipton then onwards to Leeds and Neville Hill
'Up' Sidings for the run around then into Hunslet.
When filming we were delayed coming off the
Grassington Branch owing to a points failure.
This dvd runs for 126 minutes @ £22.00

SCR13 is our cab-ride journey from Edinburgh Waverley
to Perth aboard a Class 158 (2 car unit) then from
Perth to Dundee a Class 170 (3 car unit) of Scotrail.
With a running time of 95 minutes this dvd is @ £22.00


GBRf152 is the final leg of our 3 parter from Castle Cement Clitheroe to Avonmouth Docks near to Bristol. On this leg we depart from the loop close to Worcestershire Parkway and travel through Gloucester and Bristol Parkway arriving just at dusk @ just £22.00 a great finish to our cab-ride journey.

GRA23 is a great around north east London journey.As we begin our cab-ride journey at Bishops Stortford we travel to Orient Way Carriage Sidings via South Tottenham, then reverse to Stratford reversinbg agasin into Orient Way then reversding back to Lea Bridge, South Tottenham completing the journey at Seven Sisters @ £22.00


And we continue our long journey from Castle Cement Clitheroe to Avonmouth Docks near Bristol with our freight release. In the second part we travel from Crewe (Basford Hall Depot) to Worcestershire Parkway and the goods loop just beyond this new station. A double dvd - GBRf151 - @ £25.99 filmed in good weather this is aboard a Class 66 loco of GBRf. Interesrting plaque hidden on a disused platform at Crewe !!

Our passenger release is Newcastle to Middlesborough - NR86 - filmed in recent times we travel along the coast in the north east. The journey is filmed aboard a Class 158 (23 car unit) - the dvd is at just £21.99

Two new releases for the new year - GBRf150 is our latest
journey from Clitheroe Cement Sidings in the north to Avonmouth Docks close to Bristol. In this first part of three dvd releases we travel as far as Crewe Basford Hall  via Blackburn, Wigan North Western, Warrington then diving under the west coast main line from Crewe Coal Yard Jn to Salop Goods Jn and into Basford Hall. Running time is 140 mins on this great start of our long journey @ £25.99.

Our passenger is the Silver Train from Birmingham Moor Street to London (Marylebone) CHN17 - lasting 100 mins @ £21.99.


By popular demand we have added a 'SNOW' category with
some of our productions filmed in the white stuff !! Our best is NR16 - when we filmed on the Carlisle- Settle line the driver said in 27 years he had never seen snow this deep - in fact coming out of some of the tunnels there was no visable track and passengers on platforms were almost knee deep in the snow !!

Our December freight is the final in our series of Caledonian
Sleeper Diversions around Glasgow Central. This time Polmadie Depot to Carstairs & return with a Bonus of a journey to Shields Depot. When filming with this loco - despite the windscreen heater indicating it was off the glass was warm and after an hour the filming kit had melted into the windscreen !! Oh the problems of cab filming !!! CS04 runs for 110 mins and is priced @ £21.99

Our passenger release is Manchester Piccadilly to London(Euston) via Stockport, Wilslow & Crewe. A super fast journey aboard a Class 390 Pendolino. VT02 runs for 123 mins priced @ £21.99


We continue with our Glasgow Suburbans Diversions with this latest release - this time Polmadie Depot into Glasgow Central then around the times to Holytown via Hamilton Cenrtral and back to Polmadie Depot. 109 minutes @ £21.99 - CS03

Passenger Release for November is CHN16 the Silver Train fast service to Birmingham Moor Street @100 mins - just £21.99


We start our series of 3 releases with Caledonian Sleeper 1 -  CS01
Glasgow Surburban Diversions leasving Polmadie Depot for Cambuslang,
Uddingston. Holytown and Livingston South then onwards to Midcalder Jn close to Kirknewton where we change ends for the return journey. Despite 
the de-misters being off on this Class 92 light engine the windscreen was warm - so much so that the camera kit adhered itself and melted onto the windscreen giving problems in change ends swiftly !!! At 100 minutes this dvd is priced just £21.99

And our passenger release - Edinburgh Waverley to Aberdeen - SCR09
and what a journey too - across so many viaducts - Forth Bridge of course, and reaching Dundee across the Tay Bridge, and Montrose - single track - over 
South Esk Viaduct - and onwards to Stonehaven with coastal sequences and into the bay platforms at Aberdeen. Lasting 143 minutes this double dvd is £25.99

Welcome to our complete cab-ride dvd from London Euston to
Manchester Piccadilly via Stoke-on-Trent - yes all in the cab
with now cutting out the action !! With a running time of 122mins
this journey fits very nicely on a single dvd at the great value of £21.99 for VT01 !!

And the September freight is GRBf156 - Bidston on Merseyrail
back to Cosford on this Class 66 light engine. Why Cosford you might
ask - well we were put in the loop to stand aside for passenger services
to pass but then the signaller found Network Rail had removed the electricity feed for the points so we had to reverse back down the loop

in order to get back to the main line. It was then far too dark to film.

A great journey though via Wrexham Central & Shrewsbury lasting 115 mins @ £21.99.


GRA22 is our return footage from Colchester to
Clacton-on-Sea aboard a Class 360 unit - 8 cars down and 4 cars up plus the Southminster Branch with a Class 321
 - now disappearing from GreaterAnglia with great stops - ie the remoteness of Battlesbridge and North Fambridge 
etc. our dvd @ £21.99 runs for 107 mins ! 

GBRf144 - new footage from Felixstowe North Terminalalong the North Quay Branch to the branch line at Trimley then to Ipswich and Bacon Factory Curve, Stowmarket,Bury St Edmunds, Ely March and Peterborough. With a running time of 154mins, this double dvd is £25.99


GBRf147 is the second part of our long long journey from Avonmouth Docks close to Bristol to Clitheroe Castle Cement - on this part of the journey we join the flow at Crewe Basford Hall Rail Depot and travel to Warrington Bank Quay & Wigan then on the freight slow lines through Euxton Balshaw Lane & Leyland etc turning to
Bamber Bridge and Blackburn thenn on the line to Hellifield passing through Ramsgreave & Wilpshire etc to Clitheroe reversing to the 'Up' Line then into Castle Cement Sidings. With a running time of 145 m,inutes this superb double dvd completes our long journey north !!

Ayr (pictures above) - SCR20 is our complete return journey from Glasgow Central to Ayr aboard Class 380 units - listen out for pre-arrivals at each station - the digital announcer reminds the driver of the length of his train - allbeit in a very Scottish voice !! At £21.99 this single dvd runs for 100 minutes !

Our Freight release - GBRf146 is the first part of our journey from Avonmouth Docks (close to Bristol) to Clitheroe Cement beyond Blackburn. Filmed over a number a weeks the first part of our journey travels via Bristol Parkway through to Gloucester Yard. Here the service has a waiting time for a crew change before leaving for Bromsgrove and the Lickey Incline - fully operational with the overhead electric services now - and we travel around Birmingham to Walsall before Stafford and Crewe (Bashford Hall Yard).

The second part of this long journey is being released in July !

Passenger release is SCR19 - continuing on the lines around Kilwinning and Lars !

Seen here at Ardrossan Harbour our service aboard a Class 380 (4 car unit) begins at Kilwinning terminating at Ardrossan Harbour before the return journey through to Glasgow Central. This line suffers with high tides breaking over the tracks around Salcoats etc. See for yourself the branch line to and from Ardrossan Harbour.


GRA21 is aboard a Class 321 (4 car unit) - the stopping service to Walton-on-the-Naze via Colchester Town where the service reverses to Colchester (Hythe) and onwards to Thorpe-le-Soken. Here we leave the mainline to Clacton-on-Sea and the single line has stops at Kirby Cross, Frinton-on-Sea and the terminus of Walton-on-the Naze before the return journey. With 18 sets of Class 321 units now scrapped this is an historic dvd lasting 79 minutes @ £21.99.

Join us on this Class 66 light engine for our long journey in England and Wales !! Yes GBRf155 starts in Wolverhampton then to Shrewsbury and Wrexham General before leaving the mainline to Chester but travelling through Penyffordd and to Bidston on Merseyrail. Running time of 133 minutes a delightful journey @ £21.99


SCR10 - our Aberdeen - Dundee - Edinburgh Waverley footage with an additional HST crossing of the Forth Bridge. Filmed a year back this is a fab journey through ever-changing scenery as we work south on all our cab-ride journeys. Lasting 136 mins this double dvd is @ £25.99

And just a day or so before Christmas we filmed from Derby - the new unit for GreaterAnglia had to be swapped over so into Litchurch Lane Railway Works we went then revering back to Derby before our journey to Corby - through all the tunnels then (newly installed overheads to Kettering of course and now twinned track) before continuing to Bedford with a headcode change before the Bletchley Line. GBRf157 aboard a Class 50 loco - with running time of 175 mins, a double dvd @ £25.99.

MARCH 2021

SCR18 - Glasgow Central to Largs returning to Kilwinning - filmed in recent moths this footage is the complete journey to Largs - yes at Ardrossan South Beach we continue ahead from the Ardrossan Harbour branch to West Kilbride. Then onwards past the Hunterston High Level sidings where we terminated and departed from in on GBRf78 & 79, to Fairlie and Largo. At Ardrossan South Beach just one line is electrified for our Class380 unit and the line is single (Largs Down & Up) from Hunterston Jn. This line suffers with high tides that crash over the railway around Salcoats and during bad weather this line can be closed with replacement buses if conditions are acceptable. With a running time of 76 mins this delightful cab-ride is just £21.99.

Our March freight takes us across north London from Dagenham Docks to Didcot - CLS16. From the Ford Motor Company Sidings our cab-ride is to Barking then on the north London Lines exiting at Acton Wells Jn for the Great Western Lines thrtough to Didcot. With a running time of 141 mins this double dvd is @ £25.99

Wow SCR11 -released in February - Aberdeen to Inverness and what a journey too !! On leaving Aberdeen we are travelling north and north west and touch some really lovely scenery - much of the route is single line - we hit a sleet shower and our travel time is almost 120 minutes. A class 170 unit with a Bonus Feature of the Preserved Signal Boxes at Nairn where the signaller had to cycle along the platform for his work - yes the bicycle is in one of the boxes !! SCR11 - 120 minutes @ £21.99

And a second Wow - Part 2 of our long long journey from Doncaster to Millerhill Yard close to Edinburgh Waverley is now releases - travelling from Newcastle where we had a crew change after the slightly pre-dawn departure at Doncaster (05+20) - but sunrise was just before York !! And on the second part of the journey yes we do get routed into some of the Down Goods Loops but thats part of the scene with freight! Before turning to Millerhill Yard we are cautioned by the signaller that there could be faulty track on the 'Up' line so we keep a longout for any debris or damage but its all clear - hence the speed restrictions. A great trip - CLS24 - running time 174 mins @ £25.99 (Class 70) loco

So reflecting on 2020 cab access and cab etiquette is an interesting tale. Filming is a challenge – how will the windscreen be – is there a heating element through it – where is the sunlight (if we get any) and how will the lighting be on the journey?

These and many more questions must be answered before filming can commence. Some of the freight locos will have travelled over a million miles and may have the original windscreen that has been through so many seasons, become stained by leaf full and all those elements of the climate.

And of course, will the windscreen wipers work on the second man’s window and will there be any washer in the tank.

I well remember on a slammer unit starting the windscreen wipers and a nest of flying ants emerged from the motor filling the cab having not been disturbed for so many months !

So it all makes interesting filming and under these circumstances we try to do the best we can…………is there a science of tunnels ??

You can enter a tunnel in full sunshine and the other side of the hill or mountain you emerge into cloudy weather. Was there fog in the tunnel – no just exhaust fumes from a previous freight loco. Climates, atmospheres and ever changing weather conditions of filming sometimes many many hundreds of miles. It all adds to the interest of complete cab-rides which we hope you enjoy !!!

2020 -  a very difficult year particularly for cab access but life goes on we hope....................
Our special release for this festive time is CLS23 - the first part of our journey from Doncaster to Miller Hill Yard at Edinburgh. In this double dvd we leave Doncaster a tad before dawn but sunrise is just before York. This was recorded in the early autumn with the weather on our side and the east-coast mainline can be watched on this 2 part journey - with our second release for February. CLS23 is aboard a Class 70 loco of Colas Rail and we travel as far as Newcastle for the crew change. With running time of 161 mins over 2 dvds, this is the latest east-coast mainline footage from our library. CLS23 @ £25.99

SCR08 is our Perth to Edinburgh Waverley footage. Filmed over two sessions we have some blue sky weather aboard this Class 170 unit of Scotrail. Lasting 75 mins our journey is to Hilton Jn where we leave the line to Gleneagles & Sterling as we turn on the single track to Ladybank where we join the main line between Edinburgh & Dundee. And yes its across the Forth Bridge in all its splendour and glory to Edinburgh Waverley.

Our first freight of 2021 is the journey from Leamington Spa to Southampton Western Docks - yes its a pre-dawn departure - GBRf143 aboard a Class 66 loco - but we have daylight after just a few minutes as we travel via Banbury and Reading West Jn, turning to Basingstoke. - a double DVD lasting 166 mins @ £25.99