New Releases - September - GBRf156 & VT01

Sadness with the recent station fire at Troon - we travel through there with our SCR20 - Glasgow Central to Ayr and return recorded last year !

& while Network Rail re-lay track etc to Okehampton - re-live the cab-ride journey with us -  WSX05 RETURN TO DARTMOOR

Special Releases

  • 01


    £18.33 £22.00 (inc. VAT) £21.99
    A cab-ride journey aboard a new Azuma Class 800 (9 car Hitchai unit) from Peterborough to North Pole International
  • 12. Inverness to Aberdeen

    12. Inverness to Aberdeen

    £18.33 £22.00 (inc. VAT)
    A cab-ride journey from Inverness to Aberdeen aboard a Class 158 (2car unit) of Scotrail
  • 21. Kilmarnock - Ayr - Stranraer

    21. Kilmarnock - Ayr - Stranraer

    £18.33 £22.00 (inc. VAT)
    A cab-ride journey from Kilmarnock to Stranraer firstly aboard a Class 156 (2 car unit) then from Ayr a Class 156 (4 car unit) of Scotrail
  • NR16. Carlisle to Leeds (2 x DVD)

    NR16. Carlisle to Leeds (2 x DVD)

    £21.66 £25.99 (inc. VAT)
    This cab ride journey is aboard a Class 158 2-Car Unit of Northern Rail from Carlisle to Leeds under snow conditions via Appleby, Dent & Hellifield - Running Time: 200 minutes (3hrs 20mins)
  • SWT27. Snowlines

    SWT27. Snowlines

    £18.33 £22.00 (inc. VAT)
    Two cab rides in the snow on routes covered by South West Trains....1st - London Waterloo to Guildford....2nd - Weybridge to Staines - Running Time: 81 minutes (1hr 21mins)

Diary of a Publicity Guru

We've Launched a couple of books.

Amphigouri a lighthearted read if you need a laugh whilst travelling! A comedy of errors for laughs represents a poke of fun at society - both to government and Joe Public. After all, language and the public can create hilarious mistakes and consequences.

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Diary of a Publicity Guru is a behind the scenes look at media publicity and promoting the Post Office with picture/caption/stories including travelling post offices, flying posties, VSOE, Concorde and much much more!

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