NEW for October - OVG09 Highbury & Islington to West Croydon & return - Class 378 (five car unit) - running time 84 mins @ £23.00 (2023 footage)
GBRf168 Port of Tilbury to Trostre 1 (Port of Tilbury to Acton Mainline) - Class 66 loco, 88 mins @ £23.00

SEPTEMBER - OVG08 - 2023 footage of London Overground Chingford Line & Enfield Town Lines - aboard Class 710 units - running time 108 mins @ £23.00
CLS30 - aboard a Plasser Unimat Tamper DR73936 of Colas Rail - Taff Sidings Cardiff - Newport - Hereford - Shrewsbury - Wrexham General - 194 mins @ £26.99

AUGUST - CLS29 - Class 70 loco of Colas Rail (light engine) from Carlisle to Troon via Dunfries, New Cumnock then along the Annbank Single Line to Newton-on-Ayr then terminating at Troon - 120 mins @ £23.00
OVG07 - London Overground brand new footage from London Euston to Watford Junction & return - 89 mins aboard a Class 378 four car unit @ £23.00

NOT WANTING TO BLOW OUR OWN TRUMPET - but this came in on our Facebook Page !!
Paul from 225 Studio’s, is a true gent that takes his role very seriously within the industry and has the upmost of safety critical respect when he visits certain Depots, and lists certain journeys for you all to view and watch on DVD.

I had the pleasure of working with Paul recently to promote one of his cab rides within the industrial heartland of the north east of England, his professionalism and enthusiasm is fantastic and I recommend his video’s to anyone willing to learn new routes within the FOC/TOC teams, and of course to his arm chair followers.

Keep up the good work Paul.

So is it the end of the Parliamentary Train (Ghost Train) from London Marylebone to West Ealing ?? Enjoy the journey on our CHN15 footage !!

CLASS 455 - we have 7 delightful journeys aboard these now disappeared units - SOT14 SOT18 SOT19 SOT22 SOT25 SOT26 & SOT30 !

As Network Rail re-introduce trains to Okehampton - re-live the cab-ride journey with us - 

GBRf145 is released as 2020 footage from Peterborough Engine Shed to Felixstowe North Terminal

AND the first is our series of children's books (age 5-9) - TOM TUNNEL - inspired by filming through the many railway tunnels on the network @ £7.99 inclusive of p&p

Special Releases

Diary of a Publicity Guru

We've Launched some new books.

Amphigouri a lighthearted read if you need a laugh whilst travelling! A comedy of errors for laughs represents a poke of fun at society - both to government and Joe Public. After all, language and the public can create hilarious mistakes and consequences.

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Diary of a Publicity Guru is a behind the scenes look at media publicity and promoting the Post Office with picture/caption/stories including travelling post offices, flying posties, VSOE, Concorde and much much more!

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Tom Tunnel is a new book for 5-9 year olds - in this first book he talks about himself, when and how he was made, and who has travelled through him. He introduces his good friend Bertie Bat who lives high up in the tunnel. Tom tells the story of being shaken about and repaired so he is as good as new. Available from this website - lavishly illustrated @ £7.99 inclusive of postage

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