Maybe farewell to the 1938 Class 483s but we have the complete return cab-ride on the Island Line - SWT34

Don't forget the PACERS - we have 20 cab-rides with Northern Rail and Wessex - gone but not forgotten !!

See NR01 NR11 NR12 NR23 NR24 NR28 NR37 NR39 NR40 NR41 NR46 NR47 NR50 NR51 NR57 NR60 NR61 NR68 & WSX07 WSX09 !!

Special Releases & SNOW JOURNEYS - CLS10 NR16 NR27 SWT27

We've Launched a Book!

It's called Amphigouri - a lighthearted read if you need a laugh whilst travelling! A comedy of errors for laughs represents a poke of fun at society - both to government and Joe Public. After all, language and the public can create hilarious mistakes and consequences. 

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